Let's dance to express your India ! - About this project


We will make "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie, THE DIVERSITY OF INDIA Ver." (恋するフォーチュンクッキー インド全土 Ver.), a fun dance video for introducing India and India culture by using Japanese pop music.

"Koi suru Fortune Cookie" is a popular song by AKB48, Japanese idol group. Many amateur individuals, companies and local governments have danced to the song, shooted it and uploaded it to YouTube. You can see also KOLKATA version and DELHI version. KOLKATA Version was made by Japanese commercial and industrial association and expat organization in Kolkata, and DELHI Version was made by individuals who are interested in cultural exchange between India and Japan.

Now we make whole of India version.

Its theme is "Diversity of scenery and culture in India". We will recruit volunteer dancers from whole of India, let them shoot thier dance by themselves in their own city or town, and combine and edit them to make one video work. It should be video you can enjoy diversity of scenery and culture in India in.

Can you join us as dancer to introduce and express your India and to promote friendship between India and Japan ?

How can I join it ?

  1. Send us a mail to join us from this application form. If you have some questions send a mail from this contact form.
  2. You will receive a reply mail from the staff. Discuss with us to decide the part of the song (around 10 secounds) and the place you dance.
  3. Learn dance by the video uploaded on Youtube. The following video is good for learning.
    AKB48's staffs Ver.
  4. Adjust the date and time to shoot with your team members and shoot your dance by yourself. Using not only degital video camera but also video mode of degital camera or mobile phone is enough if its the aspect ratio is 16:9 and pixel number of the width is not less than 1280 pix (1920 pix is better). Though using a tripod is better, you can shoot clearly also without it if you take care it. You can dance and shoot not only the decided part but also the other parts. Of course it is also allowed to dance all.
  5. You can upload the video you shoot to your own YouTube channel or the other websites. The copyright holder of video you shoot is yours. When you upload the video by yourself, write that it is for the project to make "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie DIVERSITY OF INDIA Ver.". We can upload it to its YouTube channel instead of you if you need. In both case we will introduce your video on its facebook page.
  6. Upload the video data to online storage service space(ex. Google drive) and let us know the URL.
  7. After all parts are completed to shoot, we will combine and edit it to make one final video work, it is "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie DIVERSITY OF INDIA Ver." (hereinafter called "the final video work"). The final video work will be uploaded on our YouTube channel.


  • You can join this project with your friends and colleague as individuals (friends), community and organization. It is desired that the number of dancers is no less than three. If you need more members dance with you let us know. I will try to find members in your area.
  • When you join as profit corporation (company, profit private school and college) we require your donation (3,000Rs or 5,000JPY) after the final video work is completed. It is used for production expense and advertising expenses for the final video work.
  • We can put your team name (Your organization name, group name, community name etc.) with link to your own shooting dance video page at the lower right of the video uploaded to our YouTube channel by using Annotations, YouTube function.
  • The copyright holder of the image of the final video work is Discover India Club while the other participants waive thier copyright for the video.

Who organize this project ?

This project is organized by Discover India Club, non profit organization to introduce India and Indian culture in Japan and promote cultural exchange between India and Japan.

Some production staffs of this project are ones of the project made DELHI Ver. video (http://youtu.be/yifhzN4O2T0). The theme of DELHI Ver. is "Scenery of Delhi and cultural exchange between India and Japan". With the music and dance, enjoy common scenery and sightseeing spots in Delhi, Indian culture and Japanese culture.

We also need some more production volunteer staffs for this project. If you want to be, contuct us.